It’s Only One Hour

My name is Nick Taufer. I am a fitness enthusiast, massage therapist, personal trainer, entrepreneur, podcaster, and most importantly a husband and father. My wife and daughter are the light of my life. In order to properly take care of my family, however, I must first take care of myself. If I am unhealthy, anxious, angry, always exhausted, or rarely motivated, then I have already failed the ones I love. I believe that the most defining hour of each day is the hour that I spend in the gym. It is a singular ingredient that has the ability to balance my mental, emotional, and spiritual self. This can be in the form of running, lifting, yoga, gymnastics, team sports, or a variety of other activities. As I dedicate this hour to improving my own physical health, my relationships will grow deeper, my attitude will improve, my laugh will become natural, and I will feel energized and rested.

Through this website and the accompanying podcast, I will use research to dive into the scientific reasons why our body and mind improve with exercise. I will also talk with normal every day people to hear their own personal experiences of how exercise has enhanced their life. I am here to help you either implement or improve the most defining hour of your life and become the best version of yourself.

A big shout out to the band Brumby from Las Vegas. They provide all of the music for my podcast. Check out their WEBSITE to hear their newest music.


A huge shout out to James Cooper from Handsome Hill Photography. All of the images you see on this website were taken by him. Check out his Instagram page to see more of his great work!

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